Firestop Systems Installation Services  
Our installation services include:
  - Submittal packages
  - Interfacing with the General Contractor, Architect,

  - Engineer and  Building Inspector 

  - Labeling
  - Penetration logs including: installer, type & location​

Construction Joint Firestopping 

Firestop Middle East can provide cost effective solutions to the "dynamic" requirements for rated construction      joints.  Solutions include silicone, acrylic, and elastomeric caulks, as well as, the latest spray applications.  Our services include:

 Floor and wall expansion joints
 Head of wall joints for concrete, CMU and gypsum applications
 Curtain-wall/Perimeter gap/Façade Insulation

Through Penetration Firestopping

We can provide the types of systems or "Engineering Judgments" necessary to complete the most complicated projects.  We provide through penetration firestop systems for:

       Electrical Systems:
       Single and multiple rigid and flex conduit
       Buss duct
       Cable tray (steel or aluminum)
       Fiber Optic gutter (PVC)
       Outlet boxes

OUR Services

Consultation Services

The firestopping business is changing rapidly with new requirements,   new products and many factors that can delay or add cost to a project.  We have the experience and expertise to develop a plan that can help to save you money during construction.

Acoustic Baffles
Supply and Installation of acoustic baffles in commercial and industrial environments where privacy and sound control is of utmost importance.


Mechanical Systems
       Single and multiple metallic pipe (steel, cast iron, etc.) 
       Non-metallic pipes (PVC, ABS, PP, PVDF, FRP, etc)
       Insulated pipe (glass fiber, molded plastic, FoamGlas)
       HVAC Ducting and Dampers

       (Self- Supported and Unsupported)

Combination Systems
Block-out situations including numerous mixed penetrating items

Drainage Pipe Acoustic Cladding
Supply and installation of acoustic cladding around PVC drainage pipes.